It felt so great to get outside and photograph these two ladies again. They chose adorable matching tie dye dresses and sunflower crowns for their outfits and the colors looked amazing against the glowing green and gold backdrop. You can definitely see the love these two have for each other. Take a look at some of this beautiful summer Mommy & Me below:

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It is easy to get intimidated by the idea of getting the entire extended family together for a photo session, but not to worry! Meg&Me is here to help! We will make the process easy and painless and dare we say it – FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Even with the Arizona heat, we had a blast at this session and the location was gorgeous. We used proper safety procedures and came away with beautiful memories captured for this family. Are you looking to schedule a Meg&Me Family Tree Session for your family? Click the contact button to book!

Take a look at some of their wonderful images below:


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Hello everyone!

One thing that quarantine has done is given me a lot of time to learn new recipes and share them with my family. The above picture showcases myself and my two nephews, who are willing participants in my cooking experiments. ๐Ÿ˜€

One of my awesome friends on instagram, Katie Burton (who just happens to be a food scientist, so you know her taste is on point!) posted this recipe for Belgian Liege Waffles and my first thought was, “What is a Liege Waffle?!” I was so curious that I just had to try it!

The recipe is specifically titled “Liege Belgian Waffles with Pearl Sugar”. An interesting fact is that my brother in law – who is also currently quarantining with my family – lived in the Netherlands for 2 and a half years and would also travel to Belgium. He ate a lot of waffles and loves them! He was skeptical if this recipe would live up to his expectations, but guess what? He loved them!

The first thing I did in order to make these waffles was to order the pearl sugar. Because of quarantine, I had to rely on the great and powerful Amazon. You can find the pearl sugar I ordered here, but I’m sure any liege pearl sugar would work – just make sure not to get it confused with the Swedish sugar.

Unlike most waffle recipes, this recipe does require yeast, which unfortunately has been in very short supply at local grocery stores. If you have it, you are among the lucky few! We fortunately were able to use our last yeast packets on this recipe and we don’t regret it!

The other thing this recipe requires is a Belgian waffle iron. You have to have one with deep grooves so that it will cook the pearl sugar correctly. Fortunately, I just got one for my birthday this year, so we were all set. We did spray the pan with non stick cooking spray, but honestly this recipe has so much butter that you probably don’t need it. ๐Ÿ˜›

You can find the recipe for these waffles here. It’s from AllRecipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

The dough will feel thick and more like bread dough than batter. We used an ice cream scoop to scoop out the dough and put it on the waffle iron. They come out crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

We topped them with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and maple syrup. I didn’t get a photograph of them plated because they disappeared to fast, and you definitely want to eat them when they are hot and fresh. Although, any way you eat them, they are delicious!

We doubled the recipe thinking we would need a lot for 8 people, but we ended up having a dozen left over, so we stuck them in the freezer for later!

These are sweeter than traditional waffles and would be great as a dessert too. Try them out! You won’t regret it.

Be safe and well!



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During this unprecedented time, Meg&Me has taken every precaution to keep our clients safe. Meg&Me immediately stopped all sessions after the governor’s shelter in place order, which remains in effect until May 15th. We plan to start offering outdoor sessions on a case by case basis at that time, but if the governor makes any other announcements we will readdress our plans.

We will also be taking extra precautions and following proper safety procedures to keep our clients safe. This includes:

~ Wearing a mask

~ Using a lens with a long focal length so that we can stay 6+ feet away

~ Carrying sanitizer with us at all times

~ Always washing our hands and not touching clients

~ Wear gloves when necessary

~ Only use props or posing aids upon request and keep all equipment sanitized before/after every session

~ Keeping to the least crowded locations to ensure social distancing

~ Continuing to deliver products via online gallery and through direct mail delivery via our professional lab partners

Although Meg&Me has always used sanitation practices, we are doing our best to ensure that we are keeping with CDC guidelines and making sure you feel comfortable and safe during your session.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how Meg&Me is keeping you safe, please let us know! We are looking to the future with hope and gratitude for the continued support of our amazing clients. Capturing treasured moments and doing so safely is our number one priority! Stay safe and well at this time.


Megan Fisher

Meg&Me Photography

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Happy Star Wars Day everyone!! Today I am featuring some party inspiration and some of my favorite moments with my nephews who are huge Star Wars fans!


For many years now, both of them have requested Star Wars themed birthdays and my sister and I always plan them the best we know how – the DIY way! We’ve made Death Star pinatas, Star Wars cakes, Pin the Saber on the Jedi – you name it, we’ve tried it, haha. You know what? It’s been a blast! We enjoy it as much as the kids do.

When we took the kids to Disneyland, we had the opportunity to register them for the Jedi Training Program and it was one of our most favorite memories from that trip! They looked so cute in their little Jedi robes and they each got a turn battling with their light sabers. I am so glad I got to be there with them to see the wonder and joy on their faces. Such a magical place!

What do you enjoy doing with your family to celebrate Star Wars Day? Do you watch the movies? Have an epic light saber battle? Eat Star Wars themed foods? Whatever it is, I hope you have a fun day celebrating! May the Fourth Be With you!

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